A bedroom is an essential part of the household and we all need to have colour patterns that evoke relaxation and the colour, tone as well as the designs invoke a sense of homeliness in the people who stay there. We, as residential interior designers in Delhi NCR understand the urgency of the design mistakes that some people commit. That is the reason why they have some simple solutions to cover up for it:

1. We must refrain from using bold and bright colours in the walls of our bedroom and instead concentrate on the lighter pastel shades. These vibrant colours look exceptionally well in the kitchen and the dining area. They instead suggest that we must use shades which induce sleep and help us relax. Blue promoted peacefulness however if it is something that we don’t likes, we can always choose from earth tones or neutrals.

2. We do not fill the room with junk and have numerous furniture and other designs at one part of the wall. This makes the room feel like it has a lot of space. Residential interior designers in Delhi NCR have hence suggested that we create a proper sense of balance by spreading out the things evenly in the room. Usually there are different places for different work in the bedroom, but if not we can add weights in other parts of the room by adding trunks etc.

3. Sometimes some people like having the windows bare and uncovered to bask in the sun’s light however this induces a great deal of lack of privacy. So we must add some treatment to the windows and choose the designs to cover up the windows so that some privacy is restored and we can just be ourselves by relaxing about in our own room.


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