Living Room

We believe that the living room marks the beginning of a house and represents the mind and personality of all those who stay there. The living room is also referred to as the lounge room or the sitting where the people staying in the house can meet up, chat, talk and socialise and so people would usually want us to make this the best part of the entire house. This is because since people sit and talk in this part of the house, it us important that we take measures to adorn this part in the trendiest way possible. According to us for a living room interior design, people should always have sufficient places to sit and talk and the light or window arrangement should be such so that there is good amount if light and air making its way in the room. There are some golden rules that must be followed in order to make the living room a much better place:

1. Clearing the coffee table clutter with the rule of three- the coffee table is the place that must be provided with a striking balance between design and comfort and so it must not be burdened with heavy book but the space should be used well there.

2. Three textures provide three times the fun- Next comes our couch and we need to make it look cosy and classy. We must execute the rule of three as it will keep our couch from looking messy while giving us space to explore and watch out.

3. Minding the mantel with the rule of three- Wherever we want to balance comfort and style, we must turn to the rule of three in living room decor. This simple design tool can help us be adventurous and playful with decor messiness.


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