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Located Base in ip extension patparganj Delhi 110092, we are an interior design firm. Interior design for homes and businesses falls under our area of expertise. Design modelling in 2D and 3D is one of our services. We are among Delhi NCR's top interior designers. Whether they are residential, commercial, or corporate, we have been adjusting our clients' needs to fit their lives and personalities while also satisfying their business requirements. All our design & remodelling needs are taken care of by our comprehensive service packages. We will provide you with all you need, from a comprehensive strategy to consulting, to locate your ideal environment—alone and stress-free.

Our business offers two different kinds of services. One of them, called "turnkey," covers the complete interior design procedure, including planning, counselling, supervising, and labour. This provides a wide variety of services. The second category is a consultation, which includes interior design advisory services relating to concepts for a space or product that blend form, utility, and aesthetics. We search looking forward to going on with you.

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The three keywords that form the foundation of our company's core values must be met by each action rid interiors. Integrity, pride, and happiness are the words.

  • • Integrity - Being open and honest with all our clients, advisors, and subcontractors is always our top focus. We are aware that without a high level of trust, crucial relationships that could decide the fate of a project would fall apart.
  • • Pride - To instill a sense of personal pride in everyone involved in the Renovation project, we encourage a feeling of accomplishment and individual accountability in all our site staff and management.
  • • Enjoyment - For us, life is intended to be enjoyed, and work is a significant component of that existence. Because of this, at rid interiors, we always try to make every task enjoyable for anyone who works with us.

Our main goal is to develop a strong reputation for honesty by always being open and honest with our clients, advisors, or subcontractors. We understand that even with low levels of trust, key connections that can create or destroy a project will deteriorate. By fusing our collective knowledge, careful planning, and a "can-do" attitude, we believe we have created a highly robust and alluring business strategy. For this reason, at Rid interiors, we currently have a strong base of repeat clients who fully trust our services.

Different services are offered by our company. One of them would be turnkey, which includes design, supervision, counselling, and labour for the entire interior creative process. A variety of services are offered by this business. The second category is interior design consultant. We offer advice regarding concepts for a location or object that integrates form, utility, & aesthetics as part of our investment advice. In the future, we hope to collaborate with you.


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Musharraf Gangohi
Co-founder, RID Group.

Musharraf Gangohi has more than ten years of experience in the interior design field. One of RID Interiors' co-founders.

Architects, color consultants, electrical consultants, furniture designers, HVAC consultants, interior designers, kitchen/bathroom consultants, landscape designers, lighting designers, plumbing consultants, structural advisors, and Vastushastra/Feng Shui consultants are among the professionals with expertise in architecture.

Our team base in ip extension patparganj Delhi 110092 interior design team. Interior design for homes and businesses falls under our area of expertise. Design modeling in 2D and 3D is one of our services. We are among Delhi NCR's top interior designers.