BANQUETS HALL Interior designer

Banquets are an important part of our cultural life as mostly we nowadays rent the colossal banquets to celebrate our social gathering. We offer our commercial interior designing services in Delhi NCR and our proficient work also leads us to take up work at other places as well where we design dreams out of the property given by the clients. Banquet halls need to be huge because that is a place where people basically carry out their rituals and parties which is why that demands for unlimited space. Huge pillars and gigantic staircases only add to the beauty of the property and are thus an important addition to the halls.

Banquets must have a well arranged light system so that there is no way anything gets dark or timid and there should be a number of doors and windows and proper ventilation so that people do not suffer from suffocation when they meet up in large numbers. Mostly the banquets are all AC which is why the electrical facilities should be updated and the wiring should also be checked. There should be proper emergency exits in case of a mishap and also fire extinguishers should be placed at strategic points so that people do not have to run to places I’m case of an emergency.

When there are empty places outside , there should be well maintained flower gardens all around the house so that there are patches of greenery. The sewage system should also be taken good care of and we also believe that the floor in the hall should be regal. As soon as a person enters this hall they should definitely feel that this amazing place is nothing less than a palace.