RID interiors welcomes you to go through terms & Conditions well before intiating the designing agreement with us. The Terms & Conditions are as follows:

  • RID Interiors Private Limited and the Invoice will be issued and payments will be done to RID Interiors Private Limited.
  • RID Interiors will charge for its consultation separately and the consultation is not a part of designing agreement.
  • RID Interiors will charge a sum of Rs. 75 per square feet for executing the design consultation charge your home or commercial space but this amount is subject to vary according to market conditions. The amount of which you will have to pay the design separately apart form execution agreement. The GST% will be separately for whatever amount of the contract is fixed and would be part of the invoice.
  • RID Interiors will purchase the material at the rate fixed in the agreement but in case the client himself procures the same on higher rates, he will have to pay the difference.
  • RID Interiors will purcahse the material of the brand decided in the agreement and if the client insists on any other brand, he will have to seek approval of the same from RID Interiors and the difference of amount needs to be paid.
  • When the agreeemtn becomes a written contract, it cannot be cancelled for any frivolous reason. Still in case the client wishes to cancel the contract, the terms of the same can be mentioned in the contract itself. RID Interiors will not be liable to return any money except as mentioned in the contract executed between the client and RID Interiors.
  • The client should properly read the quotation and then issue work order as per terms agreed between RID Interiors and the client.
  • In case the client enters into direct dealing with the vendor of RID Interiors Private Limited, the client would be bound by the agreement irrespective of the facts that he made any payment to the vendor directly. RID Interiors Private Limited would still be entitled to recover their payment from the client as per the agreement.
  • All the disputes arising out of contract are subject to the Jurisdiction of Delhi. (Central Delhi)