False ceiling interior in ip extension

By: Admin | 2023-Mar-09

False ceiling

The top interior designer in IP extension Patparganj also offers acoustics and soundproofing.These days, a false ceiling—also known as a dropped ceiling, T-bar ceiling, suspension ceiling, or grid ceiling—is a sign of refinement and modernism. People today are conscious of a ceiling's significance in a room's overall appearance and feel.

False ceiling suits

  • A fake ceiling gives the ceiling a tidy, clutter-free, crisp, and clean appearance by concealing the ductwork, pipes, and electrical cables.
  • A fake ceiling is essential for sound absorption and acoustics. It is made with noise reduction in mind, adding to the space's quietness.
  • Installing a fake ceiling rather than restoring the complete ceiling restored in the event of damage is significantly more cost-effective.

With its neat, uncluttered, crisp, and clean appearance, a false ceiling is a symbol of refinement and modernism. Top Interior designer in ip extension patparganj also provides sound insulation and acoustics.